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» Anti-finger pinch
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Anti-finger pinch


  • Ultra resistant adhesive - 60 Kg / cm² grubbing
  • Maximum efficiency
  • The only non-deformable under finger pressure


Profile High Security
Permanent security


  1. Quick and easy installation without deterioration
  2. Ultra resistant adhesive (60Kg / cm²)
  3. Design: extra flat in the white lacquered appearance closure
  4. Maximum aperture - 90 ° to 180 °




Installation instructions Pdf   >>> Notice d'installation


Designed for doors and windows


  1. Height: 140 cm 170 cm 200 cm
  2. Standard width 11 cm opening 90 ° to 100 °
  3. Great width: 14.5 cm: open 100 ° to 130 °
  4. Max width: 18 cm opening up to 180 °
  5. Other widths on request up to 28 cm


Anti-pince-doigts gros plan
  • rigid anti-finger pinch and articulated, filling in a very effective and safe the dangerous area hinge side.
  • The advantage of this anti-grip-fingers compared to the existing systems: its design is undeformable under the pressure of the fingers and therefore prohibits the introduction of fingers in the well protected area, guaranteeing maximum safety.
  • Anti finger pinch has been factory tested on 132 000 openings and closings without any deterioration.
  • adhesive strength: 60 Kg / cm² grubbing.
  •  Ranked M1 fire
  •  Discreet and aesthetic:
  •  Its design has been particularly studied: it returns exactly in alignment with the door closed.
  • White - lacquered appearance - it can be painted.
  • specific dimensions and colors: custom production




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