High Security Profile
Universal - Patented

Adhesive Heavy-duty
permanent security


immediate recall
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» Anti-Block-door
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  • 1 anti-adhesive Block-door and hinged
  • It leaves a safe space coast pognée


Class M1 fire Anti-Block-door
is suitable for any habitat both
public and private


  • Real hinge tested on 132 000 openings and door closures
  • incompressible foam



  • Thickness 2.70 cm
  • Width 5.50 cm
  • Length 8.00 cm
Anti claque porte
Installation instructions Pdf

Patented - permanent security


Anti claque porte gros plan
  • Made from the same materials that Anti-finger pinch.
  • ultra-resistant adhesive (60Kg / cm²) for a permanent security.
  • 1 Single pressure of the adult's finger to completely close the door.
  • At the next opening it back into place automatically ready to block the door again to leave a safety space.
  • Installation (20 sec) is final to ensure the continued safety of small fingers.
  • The joint is a true hinge executed in the same material as the anti-grip-fingers (high reliability). Equipped with a powerful adhesive full height - dim 8x5,5 cm - so discreet white.























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